Make the sale — without making anyone squirm.

Ditch bro marketing for messaging and copy that makes customers feel like humans, not ATMs.





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Words matter.
But you have to write them first.

If you own a business, you know you need marketing.

(Unless Oprah falls in love with what you’re selling. Then you’re probably good.)

But when nothing you write feels quite like you — or every tactic you try feels just a little gross — marketing quickly becomes the last thing you want to do.

I’ve been there. You were right, though: You do need marketing.

But it doesn’t have to feel like garbage. And I can help.

Say yes to authentic, empathetic marketing.
(And no to this dumb stuff.)


    Start with a hey-we-can-actually-execute-this strategy so you can focus on creating rad (effective) content.

  • No to fumbling for words

    Telling your story gets easier with a powerful brand narrative that feels true to who you are and why you do what you do.

  • No to scrounging for leads

    With a brand voice that’s you to the core, you’ll attract dream customers who have been looking for you, too.

Marketing paid my bills but made me kinda itchy.

Marketing really skeeved me out for a long time. And I’ve been doing this for more than a decade.

And for years, I offered copywriting services to my clients (girl’s gotta pay the bills) but couldn’t wrap my head around marketing my own business because it just didn’t feel like…me.

For a long time, the whole industry has had a thin layer of slime over it. And I didn’t want that slime on me.

Why? The patriarchy.

Direct response marketing — which is heavily in use today and designed to get people to say yes right meow — was born in a room full of dudes.

They decided to make a business out of stuff like manufactured scarcity (hello, FOMO!)…
…sneaky opt-ins and bottomless funnels…
…about pages that read like fairy tales…
…and telling folks they’ll stay broken until they give in and Buy The Thing.

But this pushy, predatory vibe isn’t the only way.

We can be honest, witty, vulnerable, and otherwise true to ourselves as we tell the stories of our businesses.
We can trust our voices to draw the people we want to work with.
We can help our customers ascend to their aspirational identity.
We can help them envision success without implying they were a failure to begin with.
We can build our lists with enthusiastic consent.
We can show up to add value without begging for the sale every time.

And we can land the sale with a “Finally, I found you!” (not an “OH MY GOD IF I PAY YOU WILL YOU GO AWAY?”).

Radical, I know. 

And it works: Turns out people would rather walk next to a compassionate guide than feel trapped in a corner.

If marketing’s ever felt a little yucky to you, if you’ve ever handed someone a business card and said, “oh god but don’t go to my website,” if you’ve ever had second thoughts after publishing a social post or sending an email campaign, if doing it yourself feels like stepping on a thousand Legos — we should talk. 

Grab the hose.

Let’s blast the slime off and make some marketing that makes people feel seen, not sold to.


Paige the only copywriter I trust to get to the heart of my clients' messaging and nail their voice and tone, often on the first try. Her copy has moved at least two of my clients to [happy] tears — yeah, she’s THAT good. 

Jena Gribble

Blush Cactus Design + Marketing Studio
Susan Wigodner headshot

"Paige delivered user-friendly and engaging copy that we’re proud to share with our audience. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a smart, strategic, and creative partner."

Susan Wigodner

senior digital program manager, Field Museum

This just got a standing O from my brain committee! I LOVE this! F*ck, your word wizardry is like a B12 ginger shot the morning after a tequila-fueled night.

Beth Carr

Fortified Branding
Melle Claybough headshot

"Paige has helped me turn down the noise and home in on my clients and their true needs — and created a website that truly speaks to them. My BrandScript has saved me time as a business owner, helped me stay focused, and allowed me to communicate clearly and authentically."

Melle Claybough

Owner, TipTopKnot Salon

Paige gave us exactly what we were looking for, starting with a brand narrative that gets to the heart of our passion for creating outdoor sanctuaries.

Our website is kicking ass since we launched in April 2020!

Keith Rosser

owner, Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah

Paige's training and expertise made her an ideal copywriter for a corporate client's new website post-rebrand. She produced fantastic copy with just the right amount of punchy wit we were looking for. With a quick turnaround, thoughtful pushback, and quick-fire edits, Paige is a gem to work with!

Scout Driscoll

Feminist copywriting certification badge with Certified Copywriting for Culture Makers Course

The receipts

Feminist copywriting certification badge with Certified Copywriting for Culture Makers Course

StoryBrand Certified Guide, inbound marketing nerd

StoryBrand is a seven-part marketing framework that’s helped thousands of companies get crystal-freakin’-clear on their message and transform their sales and marketing.

As I begin my fourth year as a StoryBrand Certified Guide, I’m confident with this seven-part messaging and marketing framework on lock. It's absolutely clutch in helping my clients tell their stories better.

And it all started with the inbound methodology, which places showing up and providing value for your customers front and center. I recertified through HubSpot in 2022.

I loved working with these humans.


Win hearts with words.

Behind every brand you adore is a consistent, unique voice — even if you don't notice.

How will people remember yours? Grab these 15 copy tweaks that will make strangers fall in love with your brand.

(Spoiler alert: I'm gonna send you emails and maybe, eventually, try to sell you somethin'.)

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