Let’s get down to business.

There are real people out there clamoring for what you’ve got — they’re just waiting for your message to break through the noise.

So let’s clear those mental blocks, write through the ick, and get you out there.


You’ve got options.

K, Let’s talk.

Done with you

One-on-one private consulting, coaching, and co-writing


Already gotten started with your copy and need a second set of eyes? Gone to the bad place looking for the right words? Want to brainstorm content pillars and topics for blog posts, emails, and social posts? Just need a focused hour of writing with an experienced guide?

Consulting is for you. Let’s screen share and dig in, one hour at a time.

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Done for you

Full-service marketing strategy and copywriting services

Starting at $2,500

If you’re in “ship it!” mode and just need to git ‘er done, plug me in.

Pick your poison: messaging, brand voice, copywriting. (All three? Yes!) I’m ready to get to work.

It’s a minimal time commitment for you with maximum results from me.

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Do it yourself

Bite-sized offerings and a mini-course dedicated to your brand messaging are on their way! Sign up for my weekly emails to be the first to hear when they’re available.

What you can expect working with me

Every service I offer stems from my obsession with helping you crystallize your strategy, clarify your message, and captivate your audience. 


AI has its place. Robots are taking over, and (woof) there's no stopping them.

But AI has no home in my current workflow or client content. My promise to you:
I will not use ChatGPT or other generative AI tools to create your deliverables. Being unapologetically human means putting forth the time and energy to do it right. 


We consider the lived experiences of anyone who might encounter our business.

We can be compelling and clever without being confusing.

We surprise people with our humanity and vulnerability. We’re refreshing.

We don’t do shady things like buying email lists just to get eyes on our stuff.

We play the long game: We keep showing up to add value to our customers’ lives.

Commitment to clarity

(All human, all the time.)


We don’t put words in our customers’ mouths. We ask what’s driving them and write to that.

Our work together will help you…

Give you a clear message to confidently share with the world

Make the sales process feel more natural

Build ties, not transactions (but you’ll still make money!)

Endear ideal customers to you by making them feel seen

Ground your business in the authority you’ve earned

Stand out from your competitors

K, Let’s talk.

Are we a fit?

I don’t have a niche. Well, not exactly:

I work exclusively with businesses that give a shit.

What does that mean? 
It means they’re run by actual humans who care about the work they do, the folks they serve, and the world they live in.

My clients are eager to roll up their sleeves with me, ask big questions, and have fun creating smart, creative copy that gets at the heart of what they do and why.

We’re not a fit if…

You’re not ready to make an investment

You don’t have time or interest in being a partner in this process

You need someone who will be available 24/7

You’re looking for a word-spewing machine

You think AI can do all this just as well

You take yourself too seriously

You identify as a conservative (“fiscal” or otherwise) — yes, the professional is political, too.

You’ve ever derisively referred to something as “woke”

You roll your eyes at pronouns

You’re offended by any of the above bullets

This is me.

Something always felt off to me about marketing. 

The worst of it works because it manufactures scarcity and exploits consumers’ vulnerabilities.

Because that’s the way it’s always been done.

But we don’t have to tell buyers they’re not enough without our 
products or services. (Ick.)

For more than 10 years, I’ve partnered with my clients to create radically empathetic marketing strategies, messaging, and copy that’s rooted in shared aspirations and shared struggles — by humans, for humans. 

Our work together balances the experience and credibility my clients have earned with the empathy they were born with. 
And it works.

What I believe

Marketing and ethics aren’t mutually exclusive

Neither are clarity and cleverness

Every client has a unique voice

Marketing should make people feel seen, not simply sold to

The most effective messaging is rooted in shared humanity

We can do better than worshiping at the altar of The Algorithm

There’s a special place in hell for businesses that send an email confirmation to let you know you’ve unsubscribed


Are you radicalized? 

Let’s crystallize your strategy, clarify your message, and captivate your customers together.