Lookin’ for unapologetically
human clients.

I’m Paige Worthy. (Yes, that’s my real name.)

I help small businesses (run by people who give a sh*t) market to their ideal customers without feeling icky about their marketing.

There’s more than one way to market.

Advertising and marketing gave me the willies for a long time — but it took years to realize that the cabal of men behind what we think of as “direct response copywriting” masterminded tactics that:

Press on potential buyers’ bruises

Manufacture scarcity

Exploit vulnerabilities for power and profit

Grosss, Right?

Let’s go beyond bro.

We don’t have to tell buyers they’re inherently not enough without X product or service.
The pushy, patriarchal approach may be the most popular path, but it’s not the only one.

Let’s focus on helping our customers ascend to their aspirational identity — rather than simply fix something that’s innately broken.

Let’s promote our offerings with real transparency.

Let’s lean into our shared humanity.

I'm Ready, Let’s talk.

So, how does all this actually show up in my work?

Everything I do is built on a rock-solid foundation of empathy.

Done with you


1-on-1 strategic marketing coaching

Hourly consulting and copy co-writing

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High-level marketing strategy

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With radically empathetic marketing at work in your business, you can stand behind every message you send and know you came by each sale honestly.

How to work with me
K, Let’s talk.

What I believe

Marketing and ethics aren’t mutually exclusive

Neither are clarity and cleverness

Every client has a unique voice

Marketing should make people feel seen, not simply sold to

The most effective messaging is rooted in shared humanity

We can do better than worshiping at the altar of The Algorithm

There’s a special place in hell for businesses that send an email confirmation to let you know you’ve unsubscribed

omg same — let’s talk!
And the crowd goes wild!

Paige the only copywriter I trust to get to the heart of my clients’ messaging and nail their voice and tone, often on the first try. Her copy has moved at least two of my clients to [happy] tears — yeah, she’s THAT good.


Blush Cactus Design + Marketing Studio

Paige delivered user-friendly and engaging copy that we’re proud to share with our audience. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a smart, strategic, and creative partner.


Senior digital program manager, Field Museum

This just got a standing O from my brain committee! I LOVE this! F*ck, your word wizardry is like a B12 ginger shot the morning after a tequila-fueled night.


Fortified Branding

Paige has helped me turn down the noise and home in on my clients and their true needs — and created a website that truly speaks to them. My BrandScript has saved me time as a business owner, helped me stay focused, and allowed me to communicate clearly and authentically.


Owner, TipTopKnot Salon

Paige gave us exactly what we were looking for, starting with a brand narrative that gets to the heart of our passion for creating outdoor sanctuaries. Our website is kicking ass since we launched in April 2020!


Owner, Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah

Paige’s training and expertise made her an ideal copywriter for a corporate client’s new website post-rebrand. She produced fantastic copy with just the right amount of punchy wit we were looking for. With a quick turnaround, thoughtful pushback, and quick-fire edits, Paige is a gem to work with!



I am not for everyone.

I ask a lot of questions.

I push back.

I use bad words sometimes. (It’s a passion thing. Also, I think they’re fun to say.)

I rarely want to “jump on a call.” 

I don’t answer emails on weekends. 

I take vacations — as many as possible.

I’m open about my mental health and lefty politics and am building a business where I can work my values in addition to living them.

But I am for you if…

Everything you know about “marketing” gives you the willies. 

You have a feeling your message can be more…you.

You have a strong perspective to share. 

You’re the “substance over style” type.

You’d rather solve your customer’s problems than brag about your shelf of awards. (Good for you, though.)

You care about the people your business serves. 

You’re unapologetically human — and believe your marketing can and should reflect that.

I don’t just play a marketer on TV.

(But I have been on the radio.)

I co-hosted my own podcast with a couple of StoryBrand dudes! Occasionally funny, always bracingly honest conversations about creating marketing that’s empathetic, ethical, and effective all at the same time — listen now.

Listen to season 1 of Hello [FIRST NAME]

Inbound Back Office, episode #227
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Marketing Made Simple, powered by StoryBrand, episode #37
Paige and Jena talk about marrying design and copy.

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We’re Only Human with Tim Jahn: 
“Let go of the monkey bars”
Paige gets personal. 

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Marketing in the Wild, episode #89
How to write like a human and use  voice to show customers you care

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Words First, episode #9
When should you challenge conventional marketing wisdom?

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The Impatient Entrepreneur with Lauren Kwedar Cockerell: 
"Lean into your weird"
Empathy > bro

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We’re Only Human with Tim Jahn: 
“Let go of the monkey bars”
Paige gets personal. 

listen now

Are you radicalized? 

Let’s crystallize your strategy, clarify your message, and captivate your customers together.



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