Take a look at my work.

As you browse some of the work I'm proudest of, you may think my clients don't have much in common. And that may be true on the surface — I'm industry agnostic and have written for a wide variety of industries.

But if you look a bit deeper, you'll see that all my clients share a singular passion. They're professionals at the top of their game, deeply invested in sharing the story of what they do from the perspective of solving their prospective customers' problems.

TipTopKnot Salon

Melle Claybough, an accomplished Chicago stylist and colorist, needed a website that reflects her skill as well as her spunk and spirit.

We worked together to create a StoryBrand BrandScript that conveys trust and FUN, then created a Squarespace website (which I designed and developed to put the StoryBrand framework into action.

Today, we're creating a regular email newsletter featuring inspirational photos, hair-care tips, and product recommendations — and, of course, reminders to schedule an appointment.

See her website (and book an appointment!) >>

Landscape Lighting Pro
of Utah

One of Utah's top landscape-lighting contractors, a client from my former agency life, came to me looking for an updated message and website to match the company's luxury service offering.

We worked together to create a BrandScript narrative and apply the StoryBrand framework across all their marketing efforts.

I partnered with my friend and design profesional Jena Gribble of Blush Cactus to create a sleek, gorgeous website that converts casual visitors into enthusiastic leads.

Visit Landscape Lighting Pro's website >>


Site design: Blush Cactus Design + Marketing Studio

(Featured in Lone Fir Creative's 10 StoryBrand Website Examples blog post!)

Fiber ProTector
of Chicago

Fiber ProTector of Chicago's owner, a 35-year veteran of the furniture industry, needed help building a message for his new line of business, a luxury cleaning and protection service for upholstery and carpeting.

Together, we created a clear BrandScript narrative, then set about writing website copy and material for a lead generator based on the ideas we'd developed.

The new website generated a quote request within its first three days online!

See Fiber ProTector of Chicago's website >>


Site design: Blush Cactus Design + Marketing Studio

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Field Museum

The Field Museum

Yes, that Field Museum.

In November 2017, I embarked on the biggest, most prestigious writing project of my career: tackling a total copy overhaul of the Field Museum's website on the heels of a bold rebranding for the museum's 125th anniversary.

It was an honor and an incredible learning experience to work alongside the museum's digital team, visit the museum several times to become intimately familiar with the exhibitions, and generally spend the better part of several months up to my eyeballs in natural history. I wrote most of the major "phase one" content on exhibitions, visit planning, and general museum information, but here are a few of my favorite pages.

Field Museum History

A look at the Field Museum's history, from the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, where much of the  Museum's original collection came from, to present-day work that spans the globe.

Read about it on the website.

Exhibition: Cyrus Tang Hall Of China

350 objects come together to tell the story of China, a land of diverse societies unified by tradition and dynamic change.

Take a look inside on the Field Museum website.

Exhibition: Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet

Get to know the many creatures that have roamed the earth, from single-celled organisms to our extended human family.

See the bigger picture on the site.

Blog: The Tsavo Lions

Tucked within an arresting collection of taxidermied mammals, the man-eating lions of Tsavo are two of the Field Museum’s most famous residents—and also the most infamous.

Read their story on the Field Museum blog.

Blog: Project Hyena Diorama

In 2015, the Museum's YouTube channel teamed up with museum fans from all over the world to fund the creation of the Field Museum's first new diorama in more than 60 years — for a quartet of striped hyenas.

Get the full scoop on the blog.

Vi Senior Living

In 2020, I wrote a significant chunk of the copy for Chicago-based Vi Senior Living's massive website redesign. The redesign included the corporate website and 10 unique community websites.

We focused the content on speaking directly to prospective residents' questions and needs — and drove home the unique personality of each community with content that highlights their character.

I've had the pleasure of working with this luxury senior-living company since 2016 as one of its go-to content writers. In addition to the website, I've written lead-generation and nurturing content, penned corporate press releases, helped roll out their Living Well initiative, and interviewed amazing older adults for profiles in the monthly community magazine.

30th Anniversary Employee Profile: Gail Barnes, LPN

Gail Barnes is the lead licensed professional nurse (LPN) in the memory-support wing of Vi at Bentley Village’s care center — and in 2017, she celebrated her 22nd anniversary with the company.

Read more about her on the Vi at Bentley Village website.

Resident Profile: Amber Henninger

This lady is all Stanford, all the time. She and her husband both graduated from the university and, after living abroad for a year and dedicating themselves to international entrepreneurship, returned to build their life in Palo Alto.

Read about Mrs. Henninger on Vi at Palo Alto's site.

30th Anniversary Employee Profile: Kevin Schlegel

Kevin Schlegel has been a dedicated employee at various properties throughout the Bay Area for more than 35 years, from his humble hourly beginnings to his current position at Vi at Palo Alto, where he’s served since the community opened in 2005.

Meet the world's most endearing staff accountant.

Resident Profile: The Lavines

This wonderful couple had to "right-size" their belongings as they prepared to move to Vi at Highlands Ranch, Vi's community near Denver.

Read the Lavines' story on Vi at Highland's Ranch's website.

Resident Profile: The Shams

This pair has been married for more than 40 years — and they didn't meet until they made their way across the globe in opposite directions. They raised a family and learned to love dancing together. They're still at it now that they live at Vi at La Jolla Village, outside San Diego.

Get spring in your step on Vi at La Jolla Village's site.

Blog and article writing

I no longer offer long-form content writing as one of my services, but I've had prospective clients ask to see writing samples to assess my skills. So…here they are!

I’ve been freelance writing for a variety of clients since 2009 — yup, more than 10 years. Here’s a smattering of the subjects I’ve tackled during that time.

Collabera: Agile Project Management

Originally conceptualized in the 1970s by William Royce in a paper reflecting a detailed approach for the development of large software systems — yes, it’s been around for nearly 50 years! — Agile project management is used today across a diverse spectrum of industries.

Read more about agile project management on Collabera’s blog.

BBVA New Digital Businesses: Women in Fintech

Women have made significant headway in fintech, an industry that sits at the intersection of the traditionally male-dominated fields of finance and technology. Today, they are rising through the ranks of leadership in fintech organizations, including in BBVA’s New Digital Businesses unit.

Read more on BBVA’s website.

BBVA New Digital Businesses: Upturn’s approach to empowering financial consumers with content

Americans understand that having good credit is important to achieving many of their financial goals in life. So why is credit still such an unnecessarily complex and confusing topic? Upturn, a BBVA New Digital Businesses portfolio company, is out to clear up some of that confusion.

Read more on BBVA’s website.

BBVA New Digital Businesses: Covault

Consumers’ sensitive data is increasingly at risk as more businesses ask for personal information as a way to verify digital identity online. But what if there were a way to do that without the risk of compromising this information? Covault is leading a revolution to do just that.

Read more on BBVA’s website.

Hootsuite: Top Instagram Demographics That Matter to Social Media Marketers

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom announced in June 2018 that Instagram has reached more than 1 billion users. (That’s more than 1/10th of the world’s population!) But who are these 1 billion Instagram users?

As a marketer, understanding Instagram demographics—who’s actually going to see the content you publish —is critical to your success on the platform. Here are the Instagram user demographics you need to know for maximum impact.

Read more on Hootsuite’s blog.

Hootsuite: The Ultimate List of Social Media Definitions You Need to Know in 2019

Unless you spend every waking moment on social media, it’s tough to keep up with all the new terminology and trends in the space. That’s why Hootsuite created a comprehensive list of social media definitions.

This glossary will help you stay on top of the latest concepts in social marketing (and understand what the kids are talking about today).

Read more on Hootsuite’s blog.

Tribune Content Solutions: 5 Secrets That Help Veterans Transition To Civilian Life

Life transitions are never easy, but by far one of the hardest, one filled with ups and downs and uncertainty, is the transition from active military service to civilian life.

Read the story.

Adecco: Blog Posts

I've written on topics ranging from how job seekers can get their résumés noticed to how employers can handle social media tantrums from ex-employees.

Tribune Content Solutions: How Veterans Can Put Their Sleep Problems to Bed

Sleep problems are rampant, especially among veterans; up to 40 percent report having trouble sleeping, according to a report on Orange County veterans.

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