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Every Tuesday, I share personal stories that generally lead to insights on…

  • Brand messaging
  • Creating that silky-smooth brand voice
  • Thinking more strategically about your entire marketing plan
  • Lil’ website tweaks to make more people raise their hands
  • Using language more intentionally (and sometimes more…spicily 🌶️)
  • Sending emails people won't delete

No yeah-duh, same-old-same-old marketing advice or crowing about my latest achievements.


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Your emails are so disgustingly fantastic. You inspire me to do better!

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I appreciate your craft — your emails are delightful.

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I love your voice and point of view. You always make me think (and laugh).

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I like you and what you have to say. You’re “worthy” of my inbox (and life!).

Michelle B.

Love the great advice — and relatable moments of frustration about other people's marketing.

Jacques B.

Yes, I'm trying to sell you sh*t.

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I will occasionally float the idea of a you-to-me transaction, including my hourly marketing coaching and co-writing services, and my forthcoming digital course on brand voice.

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