The brand messaging course + group coaching exclusively for businesses that give a đź’©



Master your messaging ABCs… 
woo your dream customers in 1-2-3.

You care about what you put into the world.
You care about your customers. 

But you also want to make money — without resorting to sleazy bro-marketing tactics that bury anxiety landmines and FOMO people into buying for all the wrong reasons.

The path back to the marketing high road demands a map most of us have never been given.

So you spin your wheels looking for the right things to say. You stress over the words. 
You spend months on a website you’re nervous to send people to, weeks on an email sequence you’re not sure you even want to send.

The struggle is real: It’s hard to do this the right way.

So what’s a thinking, feeling, unapologetically human business owner to do?

For starters? 

Breathe. Grab a snack. We’ve got this… Let’s go back to basics.

You’re in this business because you care:

School is in session.

Who your dream customer is

What they hope to achieve as it relates to your business

What’s standing in their way

The solution you offer to help them overcome it

The empathy and purpose that ground you 

Just how fabulous your dream customer’s life will look like on the other side of it all

Story School is a 5-week program that starts from the very beginning of your business’s story. 

In digital coursework and live group coaching calls, we’ll move step-by-step together to create a message that’s the beating heart of your business.

We’ll define

This story has a happy ending:


I love a story that ties everything up with a pretty bow, don’t you?

And once you know these basics of brand messaging, we’ll tackle how to put them to work in websites and more.

So you can stop fighting an uphill battle against your marketing and start attracting customers that make every day at work feel like a dream.




Who are they? What are they hoping to achieve?

UNIT 2: What’s Standing in the Way?

What challenges are holding them back from getting what they want? (There’s always something.)

Unit 3: Why you?

Let’s build the case for you — starting with a deep sense of empathy for your dream customer.

Unit 4: What happens next?

What lies on the other side for your dream customer if they choose you (or don’t)?

Unit 5: Put it to Work

Fulfilling your message’s ultimate destiny: the marketing your dream customer will see.


Hold up. Is this even for me?

If you’ve read enough to be curious, I bet it is.

Story School creates happy endings for…

Also: Yes. I’ve got open arms for every human in this program. Skin color, gender, sexual orientation, religion. The only exception: If you voted for the orange devil or turn your nose up at basic human rights, probably don’t enroll. This ain’t a political course, but you really just won’t like me.

Marketers + copywriters

Spread the love to clients after you graduate!

Service businesses + coaches

Stand out in a crowded field.

Consumer brands

Yes, but why your product? Let’s get at it.

B2B bosses

You’re still a human communicating with humans.


You Got This!

I want you to look back on this program and think “Got DAMN that was a game changer.”

So here’s the deal: If you go through all the units and attend every Study Hall session live, and you still don’t feel amazing about your brand’s core message, come back for the next cohort — on me.


Meet your professor

Let’s get this out of the way first:

I’m Paige Worthy — and yep, that’s my real name.

Can I tell you a secret?

I’ve been doing this marketing thing for more than a decade. But for years, writing content for my client had me wondering if I should become a dentist instead… 

Because the whole thing was like pulling teeth.

I stared at a blank cursor for ages before starting a client blog post, homepage, or email. And when it was done, I couldn’t be sure it would even work.

I could make pretty words, but it took forever and the end result often had big throwing-spaghetti-at-the-wall vibes. 

But I learned that writing your story gets easier when you have a powerful brand narrative that’s true to who you are as a business and why you do what you do.

You absolutely need a rock-solid core message you put in place before wordsmithery enters the chat.

I can’t wait to share the secrets to story structure with you — and help you use them to wow your dream customers with how deeply you get them.

Apples for teacher!

The no-fluff zone

Picture this: You’re in the middle of a crisis, trying to help a TikTok and Instagram influencer navigate a public mess. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, that’s when Paige steps in.

She dives right into the chaos, asking the questions that make you squirm but are oh-so-necessary. She has a sixth sense that gets to the heart of the matter.

Coaching from Paige is a no-fluff zone. She’s all about efficiency.

But the best part? The surprises. You think you know your business, and then Paige comes along and shows you a whole new perspective. It’s like seeing in color for the first time.

She helped me collect myself in my client mess, and she’ll help you through whatever you’re going through, too.

Once you’ve worked with Paige, there’s no going back: You’re more confident, more equipped, and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

In a nutshell, Paige is your gal. 


founder and certified B2E badass, OnYourMarkCo

Understanding and guidance

As we prepared to launch our NA beer brand, I needed a pro to get my message locked in. We were in a time crunch, so I wanted someone who understood the power of copy for conversion and storytelling — and didn’t need a lot of hand-holding getting started.

Paige immediately understood the problem I was facing, and I had a great feeling she could help.

As a coach, Paige listens and repeats back what she hears to ensure there’s alignment. She processes the conversation and guides while asking great questions.

When we launched our site, I knew it would convert, and I’d learned a lot about how to frame things for the future that would really resonate with my target consumer.

Paige is my secret weapon when I need help thinking bigger with my marketing.

Joe Chura

founder, Go Brewing

Joyful collaboration

Ever felt too frustratingly close to your own work to find the words you need to talk about it?

That’s exactly how I felt before reaching out to Paige to help me with my brand’s elevator hook. It was a joy to collaborate with her and experience her creative process.

The short piece of writing we worked on together was clear, precise, and truly represented the heart of my brand.


brand strategist and consultant

Fresh and compassionate

I can write a description for a college-level course, but I couldn’t wrap my head around writing about my offer of an online course.

Paige listened patiently while I fumbled to explain my business. (I swear it sounded great in my head!). Then she helped me break it all down and put it back together as actual marketing.

After working with Paige, I felt so much more confident in my offer and clear on how to position it.

She helped me understand what should be sales page content and what to hold back as actual course content. She helped me understand how to create urgency without falling back on shame, guilt, and gaslighting my audience.

Paige is the funniest person I know. She has a heart bigger (and warmer) than the sun.

And she helped me get to the core of what my business is about and why I do what I do — and communicate it in a fresh, compassionate way.


The Purple Spaghetti Society


What’s included in Story School?

Go-at-your-pace online curriculum

Five units covering all the messaging basics — and you get lifetime access, obv

Ask-me-anything LIVE Study Hall

Weekly Zoom calls with opps for questions and feedback on your homework

This-never-happens coaching discount

$75 off as many 1-to-1 sessions as you’d like while class is in session

Easy-to-reference resources 

Worksheets and handouts to inspire you and make the work easier

GIFs-ahoy Slack channel

Check-ins and prompts from me, camaraderie with your classmates

Small-group vibes

Enrollment is capped at 12 students for plenty of personalized attention.


Ready to go back to school?

Here’s how you’ll create your business’s own narrative foundation and graduate as a proud Story School alum.

Step 1: Enroll

Registration opens again in Winter 2023.

Step 2: Dive in

Complete each lesson’s homework and attend weekly Study Halls

Step 3: Bring it to life

Hear it over and over again from your dream customers: “How did you know?”





Ooh, I’ve gotten that question before…

No sir, no ma’am, no nonbinary royalty! 

I am entering my fifth year as a StoryBrand Certified Guide and use the framework in all my one-on-one client work.

But: This course is based on the hero’s journey and general principles of compelling storytelling (as is StoryBrand) and does not teach the framework itself.

Here to learn StoryBrand? Attend an upcoming livestream or try out Business Made Simple University (affiliate links).

A new Study Hall schedule will be released when enrollment opens again in winter 2024.

Yep! I highly recommend you attend these sessions in real time, though — the online coursework is great, but the real value is in the live Q&As and hot-seat coaching feedback.

Story School students get a special discount on one-on-one coaching during Story School. Join the waitlist to get the details when enrollment opens again.

Well, no. I’m confident this program will guide you to a complete, compelling message if you put in the work. 

HOWEVER, if you complete every unit and attend all our sessions and still don’t have a message you’re thrilled with, you’re invited to come back for the next cohort free of charge.

The course lives on ThriveCart Learn and works from any browser. You’ll also want to have Zoom and Slack installed for all that meaningful interaction!

My language does get a little colorful sometimes. The online coursework is all PG-rated, but I make no promises for crimes of verbal passion committed during Study Hall sessions.

Why fumble for the right words?
Your whole story is already up there.



We’ll be back in winter 2024 — smack the button down there, and I’ll make sure you get all the class gossip.